XIV. Light

Submitted by aran on Wed, 11/29/2006 - 22:59

Darkness. Darkness everlasting.

Tam silently went over the words like a mantra. In his mind, they sounded at once frightening and reassuring. Odd. Why do I find the concept of darkness comforting, even soothing? He could not explain his reaction. His people did not like darkness by nature, and it was not for nothing that the Nephilim called the omh'phtah, the Shining Ones, for they lit lanterns of magic and turned the night to day wherever they could.

The more strange it was, then, that these ruins, an ancient dwelling place of the Vahnatai, should be so utterly dark. Surely in the days of its glory, there had been magic to light it – but where had it gone now? Had it simply faded away over the course of the centuries, leaving at last only bare emptiness and eternal night? Or did it simply lie dormant, waiting for another Vahnatai to re-activate it, letting the ancient buildings shine with light once more? He could feel, at the edges of his awareness, a faint aura of magic that seemed ever present, lying like a coat of dust over the entire place, but he could not identify it more closely.

“Or perhaps it is simply the background residue from long and frequent exposure,” he muttered. “Rehlko knows a lot of powerful magic must have been used in this place.”

“What are you saying?” Mh'repha asked with interest.

Tam had not noticed he was speaking aloud and felt slightly abashed. “Nothing. I'm just wondering about the aura in this place. Knowing my people, I think there might still be a powerful Light spell hidden somewhere here that could illuminate all these caverns. I would just have to find it, and we wouldn't need to mess around with this tiny thing here.” He gestured at the pathetic little sphere that was hovering over his hand.

“And would alert the Greywraith to our presence. No thanks,” she retorted.